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  • housing
    $面议Muti Family

    Long Island
    4 BR | 4 BA | 1 Garage

  • housing
    $2,295,000Single Family

    Long Island
    4 BR | 3.5 BA | 3 Garage

  • housing
    $950,000Single Family

    San Francisco Bay Area
    3 BR | 2 BA | - Garage

  • housing
    $1,998,000Single Family

    Long Island
    4 BR | 3.5 BA | 4 Garage

  • housing
    $2,499,000Single Family

    Long Island
    5 BR | 5.5 BA | 2 Garage

  • housing
    $3,750,000Single Family

    Long Island
    6 BR | 5.5 BA | 3 Garage

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  • “We have been a customer of JinList for 5 months. We started the relationship while our site was in beta and later in launch. After we had a class in Google Analytics, we found that our site is getting good traffic from JinList.com, 25% of our traffic is coming from Jinlist, which surprised us. We are getting an average time 3.8 minutes per visit on site. There is no question JinList is delivering quality traffic to our site. I expect it will continue to go from here. We clearly made the right choice to use Jinlist. We would highly recommend Jinlist to anyone in the high end real estate business.”Brad R., Azure Water Front
  • “Great post Howard and great job with Jinlist. It's a great site and I am glad I joined. ”Doug, California
  • “During my tenure... I directed agents to advertise their listings on Jinlist.com. The agents experienced much success. The power of the Chinese buyer is unmatched.”Elaine, New York
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