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136-20 38th Ave., 3F/3A1, NY 11354Map
  • 法拉盛优质办公室出租
  • 法拉盛优质办公室出租
  • 法拉盛优质办公室出租
  • 法拉盛优质办公室出租
  • 法拉盛优质办公室出租



(独家)法拉盛飞跃皇后大厦Queens Crossing 最中心独一无二No.1 办公综合大楼办公室出租(地址:136-20 38th Ave. 3F/3A1, Flushing NY 11354)。从100sf 至2500 sf.。独立房间,可以挂门牌,门口有公司指示名称。有前台, 精装修,八人会议室租客免费使用,位于全楼三层最佳位置,层高10英尺高,全天候工作通畅舒服。进出便捷,无需电梯等候,六部电梯通达38 Ave 和39 Ave, 七天24小时保安门卫电梯全天侯工作。位于二楼的即是法拉盛最时尚奢侈的木兰餐厅、牡丹餐厅。位于一楼的玫瑰园高级英式茶餐厅和各式美式中式快餐厅将满足所有办公人员的用餐和商务接待。大楼楼下和其后面有法拉盛最大型停车场让所有来宾客人来去自如。欢迎随时电话约看,半小时内保障随来随看。价钱面谈,保证合理。Lily ,5162084562,5408170951非中介
Now the most central and unique office in Queens Crossing, Flushing, is for leasing (Office Address: 136-20 38th Ave. 3F/3A1, Flushing NY 11354). From 100sf to 2500sf. Separate type room which door plate can be hanged and there’s indication of company name in front of the door. Located in the best site of the third floor, 10 feet height, within delicate decoration and front desk, an 8- people meeting room can be freely used by tenant. A comfortable working environment and convenient traffic u will have here for the sake of there are 6 24- hour working elevators work for 7 days to reach 38 Ave and 39 Ave. Lily Magnolia and Peony Restaurant which located on the second floor are the most fashion and luxury restaurants in Flushing. What’s more, there’s Rose Restaurant and various of Chinese Restaurants on the first floor which can be used as a client-entertainment place and employee’s restaurant. There are many parking lots under the building and behind it, so that it’s very convenient for clients to come to visit. It’s most welcomed that u call to book an appointment to visit, and we are guaranteed available to show you the office in half hour. Price is reasonable and can be discussed face to face. Feel free to contact Lily, 5162084562 or 5408170951. (No Agency)

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